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Steph Lulka

Inspire studio is my go-to work out spot in Jerusalem. The wide variety of classes from Pilates to yoga provides a well rounded workout routine, and the many evening classes offered allow me to fit daily workouts into my super busy full-time working schedule. Amazing teachers make the classes so enjoyable, and they are extremely knowledgeable if you have an injury or need a modification. A great place for some “me” time and to get fit with motivation! The Barre Pilates class is a must.

Liz Brownstein

I am so grateful to Inspire Studio for providing the best Pilates, Bar and Yoga classes in Jerusalem and for offering a peaceful and happy environment to practise in. Inspire classes have helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy and I can;t wait to get back to the studio for some postnatal workouts. I would reccommend Inspire to anyone living in or visiting Jerusalem.

Dorothy Shea

I love Inspire Studio!  Have been going for as long as it's been in existence. Elisheva is indeed inspired, as the name of her studio would suggest.  Trained as a dancer, she brings a dancer's discipline and sense of precision to her instruction, and she keeps a keen eye on her students to make sure their form is correct.  At the same time, she is sensitive that her students have reached different levels of performance and flexibility, so she tailors her exercises accordingly, making suggestions for modifications when appropriate.  Best of all, Elisheva has fun in her studio, and her students do, too.  Her light-heartedness keeps spirits up, and her life-affirming disposition helps keeps us centered and grateful for the opportunity to take care of our bodies.  I also happen to love taking classes with Ingrid, whose patience with this particular novice yogi is much appreciated.  Thanks, to you all!  Dorothy

Chaya Bekermus

Elisheva is an amazing instructor. Clearly spoken and well-versed, she is wonderful and very knowledgable on the body. The classes are great and I feel invigorated to be a part of such a great work-out environment. Inspire studio is a great place to have fun and get fit! I am so glad I found this place!!!










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