Aerial Yoga 

Aerial Yoga is a new and popular way to work out. Using a large stretchy hammock, you will test your balance coordination and strength with circus inspired movements. The hammock allows you to get into deep stretches. It helps you to build strength in the upper body and core. It allows you to hang upside down and traction your spine and neck.. and will take you to the limits of what your body can do! Aerialo yoga classes are challenging and are not for those with injuries or for pregnant women. Beginners are invited to join either of the classes on our schedule. 



Wednesdays at 17.00

We also offer Private lessons, family lessons and parties in Aerial Yoga for all ages. It's a great activity for a group of friends, a birthday party, batchelorette or an event for colleagues.


one drop in class - ₪75

five class pack - ₪350 (₪70 a class)

ten class pack - ₪650 (₪65 a class)