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Studio Rental

The studio is available for rent for workshops or regular weekly lessons.

We rent the studio to personal trainers, yoga teachers, pilates teachers, dance instructors and martial arts teachers. The studio is also available for hire for workshops on a one time basis. A discount is given for those renting the studio on a regular basis.

The studio is fully equipped with Yoga and Pilates equipment:
Yoga equipment: Mats, Foam blocks, wooden blocks, yoga straps, yoga blankets, bolsters, eye patches.
Pilates equipment: Mats, Pilates hoops, over-balls, swiss balls, therabands, tennis balls, pittas, wobbleboards, ankle weights and hand weights. The studio has 6 springboards and 4 Allegro reformers.

If you are interested in renting the studio please speak with Katie on 0523585126.


סטודיו לפילאטיס מזרן, פילאטיס מכשירים ויוֹגָה, בירושלים
Pilates Machine classes, Pilates Mat classes, Yoga & Aerial Yoga
Massage - Osteopathy - Acupuncture - Reflexology

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