Pilates Machine Training

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About the course:

Location:  Inspire studio

Course Duration: 
3 months

Course hours: Lectures - 42 hours lectures. Observation/practice - 16 hours. Total: 56 (plus homework)

Certification: Pilates-Machine Certification (For Reformer and Springs)

Entry requirements: Students must be Pilates Mat certified OR have a professional dance background to attend the machine training course.

Total Cost: 3500 shekels: The course can be paid for in instalments - please speak to us to work out a payment plan.

Course Content: 

-Full classical repertoire on the Pilates Reformer.

-Full classical repertoire on Pilates Springs (For use on Cadillac or Springboard).

-Integrating mat-work & machine work.

-Using the machines to create more challenging repertoire for advanced students/atheletes.

-Using the machines to assist geriatric clients or those with injuries.