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FitMix takes place once a week at Inspire. (Starting after Pesach)

You will move from station to station, cross-training with guidance from the teacher. Improve your stamina, strength and flexibility with this varied workout which includes TRX & Kickboxing as well as Resistance and High Intensity Training. Your workouts are set by the trainer and you will be watched and guided as you make your way around the circuit. No two sessions are ever the same. The focus is on having fun! Clients are encouraged to bring friends or their partner and enjoy training together in a group!

How does it work?

FitMix Includes:

-TRX training

-Resistance Training

-Kickboxing (cardio)

-HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

-Fitball & bosu-ball 


-toning mat-work

-Working with weights

Push Up
Pilates with Ball
Fit Woman
Lifting Weights
Kick Boxing
Exercising Man
Strong Woman

FitMix Takes Place

Thursdays: 20.15 - 21.15 


room is limited -so make sure to sign up in advance online on our website.

1 Session


One month Pass (once a week)

50nis a session (200nis)

Two Month Pass (once a week)

45nis a session (360nis)

Add one Private Personal Training session a month

(Usual price of personal training session 220nis)

Reduced rate of 150nis

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FitMix Pricing

Meet the trainer 


Menachem Rapoport:

Menachem grew up in London and moved to Israel a couple of years ago.  Menachem is a personal trainer (trained in Australia) and specializes in kick boxing, TRX and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). He is passionate about his work and makes training and getting fit fun and enjoyable! He has helped many of his clients to lose weight, get in better shape and to feel better and more confident about themselves and their bodies. 

Get started..


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