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Join us for live lessons on zoom every week!

Whether you feel more comfortable working out on your own at home or if you live far from the studio,

you can join our lessons live on zoom each week.

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Our Zoom schedule


Monday 8.00

Pilates Mat Class with Yaffa


Wednesday 8.00

Pilates Mat Class with Yaffa

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Wednesday 10.00

Pilates Mat Class with Katie


Friday 9.00

Pilates Mat Class with Liz

Zoom Group class pricing

One Lesson - 40nis
3 lessons - 120nis
6 lessons - 210nis
10 lessons 299nis

How to join on zoom

To join our group zoom lessons you are invited to join our zoom whatsapp group where we send out the class links. If you would prefer to receive the links by email please let us know. To join the whatsapp group please contact Katie on 0523585126

Alternatively we offer private lessons on zoom 

Private lessons are given at the following prices:

One hour class - 200nis

45 minute class - 175nis

30 minute class - 120nis

Private lessons can be with any of our instructors

and at a time that is convenient for you. We make

sure your camera is placed at an angle where we

can see you well and give lots of feedback about

your alignment as you go. If you take regular private

classes, you may borrow equipment from the studio 

to take home and use. If you would like more

information, please get in touch - 0523585126

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Do I need equipment to join the online lessons?


In our studio classes we use some small equipment (a small ball, theraband and pilates hoop).

 Or alternatively you can buy the equipment from us. We can post it to you if you live far away, or if you are local you can drop by to pick them up.  

Equipment pricing -

Pilates hoop 65nis

Pilates ball 45nis

Theraband 45nis

If you don't want to purchase the equipment, alternatively you can use a towel, belt and a pillow to replace the regular equipment.



סטודיו לפילאטיס מזרן, פילאטיס מכשירים ויוֹגָה, בירושלים
Pilates Machine classes, Pilates Mat classes, Yoga & Aerial Yoga
Massage - Osteopathy 

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