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Choose a package of lessons and have access to our online library of classes. Choose from Yoga, Pilates, Stretch and Barre classes with Inspire studio's experienced instructors

Chagit, Katie, Chaya-Bracha & Antonella.

Once the lessons are unlocked, they are yours to keep and you can repeat them as often as you like.

You do not need equipment to join our online lessons.


If you already have Pilates/ Yoga equipment, we will let you know when you can use it during online classses. Those of you who do not have equipment, please make sure you have a towel and a pillow for each lesson - these can be used to replace the regular equipment.


STEP ONE: Choose a package from the above options and pay one of three ways:

1) Call or whatsapp Katie on 0523585126 to organise payment and to choose your lessons.

How to get your online classes: