Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates exercises are performed mostly lying down on the mat so you can relax while you work each muslce group. The main muscle groups targeted are the back and the stomach muscles. Pilates is a great choice for pre and post natal and can be used to treat back pain and relieve neck and shoulder tension. Pilates greatly improves the posture by opening the neck, chest and shoulder muscles and strengthening the back and the core. At Inspire, Pilates classes are taught using a range of equipment (weights, balls, hoops, resistance bands.) Pilates tones the whole body from head to toe so you're guaranteed to find yourself in better shape within 10 classes! Classes are taught by Elisheva, Chagit & Shira.

Pilates Mat Class Schedule:

Monday 8am - Pilates Mat with Katie 

Tuesday 10.15am - Pilates-Yoga Fusion Class with Chagit

Wednesday 8am - Pilates Mat with Katie 

Thursday 10.15am - Pilates Mat with Katie 

Friday 10.30 - Pilates-Yoga fusion with Chagit