Aerial classes

Aerial fitness

Aerial fitness is a new and popular way to work out.  We offer classes in Aerial Pilates, Aerial Yoga and Aerial hoop/trapeze.  Aerial group Pilates classes take place on Mondays at 10.30am. Aerial Yoga and Hoop classes are scheduled through our Aerial whatsapp group. To join the group whatsapp Katie on 0523585126. We also offer Private lessons in Aerial and lessons for children. See our Aerial videos below:

Aerial Pilates

Aerial Yoga:

Aerial Hoop:

Aerial Pilates:

Aerial Pilates is a Pilates workout which makes use of the hammock to both support you and challenge you. The hammock allows you to get deeper into your stretches, to challenge your balance and to make your workout more fun! Unlike Aerial Yoga, the Aerial Pilates exercises are done on the ground and there are no inversions or acrobatics which makes it suitable for all fitness levels and for pregnancy too. See Aerial Pilates video:

Aerial Yoga:

Aerial yoga is a great way to work out whilst having fun! Based on circus moves, you can master impressive poses in a short space of time. Aerial yoga is known to help relieve low back pain and release neck and shoulder tension. Not suitable for during pregnancy. Aerial Yoga is offered privately/semi-privately or in small groups - come with friends or we can pair you up with others for a class. Aerial Yoga makes a great birthday party, batchelorette party, event for a tour group or for work colleagues. Alternatively bring your family for a fun activity! Great for all ages (7 plus).

Aerial Hoop:

Aerial hoop is a challenging activity and greatly strengthens your core and upper body (arms, chest, back & shoulder muscles). Aerial hoop, originally a circus performance is now a popular fitness workout which will take your fitness to the next level! Aerial hoop isn't for everyone which is why we offer private or small group classes. Only for those with a strong fitness, yoga, dance or gymnastics background. For more info on learning aerial hoop, email or text us.



one drop in class - ₪75

five class pack - ₪350 (₪70 a class)

ten class pack - ₪650 (₪65 a class)